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By this contract, (Payer) agrees to make payment(s) to Black Square Group, hereafter known as "Lender", by the following schedule in exchange for Services Rendered. This payment schedule is enforceable by law, and the methods described below will be used in cases of delinquent payment.

By this agreement, it is agreed that a payment(s) of (amounts) will be surrendered to the Lender every (Interval) until the total of the payment required, which is (amount), has been delivered. The payment plan will take the following form (stated below).

The payment(s) include any interest and other charges that may apply.

This agreement is binding, and failure to meet its terms will allow the Lender to take certain recourse. First, late payment(s) will incur a fee of (15% of total amount due) every (Five Business Days). Insufficient payment and bounced checks will incur a fee of (35% of total amount due). If payment should not be delivered at all, Lender will be entitled to penalize and cease existing services even if already paid, contact a debt collection service and/or take legal action.

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E-contracts and E-signatures are just as legal and enforceable as traditional paper contracts signed in ink. Federal legislation enacted in 2000, known as Electronic Signatures in Global International Commerce Act (ESGICA). You are entering a contract of your own free will with Black Square Group (Black Square Trading Group LLC) and it's business entities.
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